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cash for cars sydney

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cash for cars sydney

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cash for cars sydney

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How to submit a notice of disposal for a vehicle?

notice of disposal

What is the notice of disposal, and under what condition is it done?

If you are in any situation where you no longer own your registered car, whether you dispose of it or have sold it, never be careless. Still, you are responsible for completing all the rules and regulations of notice of disposal within 14 days. Therefore, you have to submit the notice of disposal to to be safe from all subsequent violations possibly committed by your car.

If you do not take care that you are no longer the owner of your car. You will be found guilty of any violation and crime committed by your vehicle, which can bring you to a court or force you to pay a heavy fine.

  • You have to submit the notice of disposal for the following reasons:
  • Your car has been stolen, and you do not access it anymore
  • You have sold the car
  • You leave your car in a car accident, and someone else picks it up
  • You have sold your vehicle to auto wreckers or a car removal company
  • The insurance company takes your vehicle
  • Any reason that you are no longer the owner of your car

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What crime issue to you if you do not submit the notice of disposal?

If you are careless and do not submit a notice of disposal form, you cannot prove in a court or other relevant institutions that you are not the car owner anymore; this is a very stressful and complicated issue. You may go to court and or be imprisoned.

If you do not consider cancelling the registration, you may notice the following issues:

  • The car may not consider the road driving rule
  • The vehicle may involve in criminal activity
  • The vehicle may involve in a road traffic violation

If your car has a flat battery or a blown engine, we can help you get your car sold for the highest dollar. Also, if your vehicle has Rego left, you can easily cancel the Rego by submitting our disposal sheet to the RMS organization. Call us at 0402655444 if you need help regarding notice of disposal or any related issues.

Sydney car disposal notice guide

There are multiple options to cancel the registration. For example, if you sell cars to wreckers, you will receive and disposal sheet from an auto wreckers company and then submit it to RMS. Indeed, it is the easiest way, although there are other ways to cancel the Rego comfortably without wasting time which I indicate in the following. But, Remember, you have to submit the notice of disposal in two weeks.

  • Submit notice of disposal form to RMS
  • Use the online option

You need to submit the paper-based form in the following situations:

  • If The buyer does not have an NSW motor dealer license number
  • In case of Lack of a driver’s license or ID card
  • If the owner does not have an NSW driver’s license
  • The company you sold your car to does not have the proper license.
notice of disposal

Required document for disposal

1.      Could you create an account on My Service NSW

2.      Plate number

3.      Driver license

4.      Driver license of the new owner or dealer certificate

5.      Date of sale (known as disposal date)

6.      Sales price or market value of the car (whichever is higher)

How to submit the form?

Prepare all the required documents, choose online options, and submit the notice of disposal form.

For more information, refer to WWW.SERVICE.NSW.GOV.AU.

notice of disposal

How to register your car?

Car registration in Australia is a rule that you have up to 14 days to obtain the title, which proves your ownership of your car when you buy a car. Finally, to transfer Rego to your name, you must go to the state/region of registration in person to submit your documents (except in Western Australia (WA), which is the only state that accepts documents by mail.

In addition to the title, you must also obtain an insurance document different from the Australian states. Compulsory insurance (CTP) is included with Rego, except in (NSW) where it is necessary to separate it from a Buy insurance company when renewing Rego. It is called “green slip”. This insurance covers all bodily injuries to a third party in the event of an accident. CTP does not cover material damage, so you must purchase additional insurance.

You can do the registration process as follows:

  • Online: if the previous owner has completed the notice of disposal.
  • Offline: In NSW, if the previous owner did not send the disposal notice within 14 days, you can register the car at the service centre and avoid the cost of the late transfer.

To buy a car in Australia, the seller must provide the following details and documents to the buyer. If you buy a new car from a dealer, they will provide you with the relevant forms and details. 

The seller will ask you to complete the registration application form. After completing the registration, they will provide you with a registration certificate and license plate number.

  • Colour
  • Year
  • Manufacture
  • Model
  • Plate number
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Date and sale price
  • Name, address and signature of seller and buyer.

To transfer Rego, the buyer must provide the above information at the State Transportation Office. The only exception is Western Australia, which accepts documents by post.

What to do in NSW to buy a car?

1.      The seller will send the disposal notice to Service.NSW 

2.      The seller and the buyer fill in the “Transfer Request” and “Disposal Notice” forms.

3.      The seller offers a receipt that shows: the name, address, the signature of the buyer and seller, date of sale, price, license plate number, vehicle identification number (VIN and registration certificate or other documents proving his ownership)

4.      The buyer delivers it to the NSW Service Office: Transfer Form, Receipt, Two Proof of Identity, and Official Address Document in NSW. You can request a “letter of recommendation” from your bank.

5.      The buyer pays taxes and transfer fees.

Rego renewal

Today, this is done very simply and quickly; you can renew the Rego from all states via the Internet or telephone. In NSW, however, you will need the “Payment Number” / “Transaction Number” / “Invoice Number” contained in the renewal notice. Otherwise, you cannot pay by phone or in person.

In NSW, if you want to extend your car, you need a technical inspection for cars over five years old. As in NSW, you will need a technical check “pink slip”. Suppose the previous owner did so no need to inspect anymore.

What services do we offer as a local car wrecker?

Our services have no restrictions or do not cooperate with any particular company. We are ready to provide Service for any car that is registered or not. In addition, we provide advice and guidance for any unregistered vehicle.

  • Where and how to sell your car?
  • How much is your car worth? Who can do the highest cash with the best services for you?

At Cash for Cars, we buy any models of cars from Toyota to Audi, Honda, Hyundai, Mazda, Hummer, Holden, Lexus, Jaguar, Jeep, Isuzu, Ford, Fiat, and Alfa Romeo to Chrysler. In addition, we pay the highest cash for Mitsubishi, Nissan, Nissan, Daihatsu, Suzuki, or any model of the car you have.

 We buy your car on the same day and pick it up as soon as 1 hour. Also, I would like to remind you that we accept any unregistered vehicles of any condition. Such as old, rusty, worn-out, obsolete, or second-hand cars. We pay you on the spot before we pick up your vehicle. Likewise, the towing service is free.

notice of disposal

How can we help you out?

We recommend that you register your car as soon as possible if you have not registered your vehicle yet, or if your car needs to be renewed the Rego, do register it online because it is a straightforward way to do so.

If you have sold your car for any reason, please submit the form disposal sheet as soon as this week and get rid of any further responsibility hassles.

Cash for cars is a great car wrecker company in Sydney, with 24/7 car wrecker service in all areas of Sydney. Let us know if you have any old cars you want to sell; we have got a better offer for you with a gift. Likewise, we will do all the following Services free for you:

  • Free towing Sydney wide
  • Free evaluation 
  • We pay the highest cash for all car parts and accessories.

How can we help you out?

To get significant cash, everyone might wonder where to sell a used car, broken down, worn-out, unwanted or old car to get fantastic cash? You can reach your dream price if you deal with a company that believes in fair prices in the market. So ask cash for cars to evaluate your car now!

When is it time to scrap your car?

All the tools and equipment of an old car must be converted into cash, and all the tools can no longer be used when they become scrap. So it would be best if you converted it into cash.

Likewise, when all cars reach the end of their life, you have to take them out of your environment and your life. All vehicles have their depreciation period. When they expire, they are no longer usable and become scrap. Therefore, you need to sell a used or old car: 

  • Your used car is no longer usable.
  • Your car crashes, and you can no longer drive.
  • Your car is old, rusty or has a technical problem that will cost you a lot of money if you build it.
  • Do not enjoy driving your car.

Apart from the above, you can sell your car for any other reason.

How do I junk my car?

You do not need to do any advertising or wait until someone comes to buy your car. To reach this goal, contact us to get your free car evaluation and the best offer in the market.

In the past, if you wanted to sell your car, you traditionally waited a long time for someone to come and buy your car, but today, with all this equipment and technology, there is no need to argue. So instead, sell ​​rusty, old and blown engine cars with the best cash on your doorstep.

Cash for cars is where to sell your car for top dollar. There is no need for waiting or doing any advertising. Call directly to our number on the website, and our team will calculate the price of your car in just 5 minutes. You will be amazed by the fairest price in the whole market!

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